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KEY QUESTIONS for a Successful Listing Appointment

KEY QUESTIONS for a Successful Listing Appointment

As a Realtor in excess of 30 years, I can say, without doubt, that the answers to the questions I listed below are vital and can assist you make a knowledgeable decision on the agent you hire. The listing price does not mean anything, if an offer cannot be obtained or if the offer is not properly managed. A lack of skill with a low initial offer can result in a low priced sale…or no sale at all; a low offer managed by a highly experienced listing agent…can result in a highly successful transaction for the seller. If it takes forever to sell…you are also losing money. The answers to the questions below…will help you determine who has the skill, knowledge and determination to obtain the results you are looking for.
If an agent hedges…or does not know the answer to these questions you ask…be careful.
Almost every property owner I have worked with over the last 30+ years is always interested in their bottom line. If the bottom line is important to you…ask the agents you speak with…these five questions and listen carefully to their answers:


1. What is your listing price to selling price ratio?

2. What is the Days on Market compared to the competition (another words…on average, how long does it take for your listings to sell compared to other agents/agencies).

3. How often do you communicate with us and how do you actually communicate (on the phone/email, etc). (Personally I find that a telephone call is the best form of communication)

4. How long have you been a full time Realtor and how many homes did you sell this year?

5. On a scale of one to five, how would you rate your negotiation skills…and give us an example or two of how you recently protected a client in order to secure top dollar of them.

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