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Palm Beach County is Special

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Last week we had to fly to visit friends in Maine. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing the glorious colors of Maine in the fall.

Going to other parts of the US makes us appreciate what we have here in Jupiter. One thing we were lucky with was that our friends¬†live 15 miles out of Portland so the roads were quieter. I don’t think I could go back to the hustle and bustle of a large city again, even driving down to Miami and the traffic as we went to the airport I find myself getting irritated at the lack of patience and courtesy of other drivers let alone the amount of traffic.

We kinda take it of granted that Donald Ross and Indiantown Road will have some traffic but you can normally run from I95 to the ocean in 5 minutes or so depending on the traffic lights and the odd bridge being lifted. But there is so much more to Palm Beach County than just the amount of traffic on our roads, oftentimes I will go to Dubois Park and walk over to the Inlet and just watch the current having fun with the flotilla of boats going out and back from a successful, and sometimes not so, day fishing on the ocean. Just walking along the path to the west end of the park to view the light house, which hasn’t changed in years, but I just love looking at it, three different couples stopped and spoke with me and mentioned how special it was in this corner of Florida. Something that after 30 years or so I have somewhat taken for granted.It was nice to think for a minute and appreciate what we have again.

It is no wonder that so many people choose to move south, some permanent and some just for the winter. Being in Real Estate I see homes of all descriptions and price ranges, but one thing that all buyers seem to have in common is that they all honestly believe they will have a better life for them and their families by moving to Palm Beach County.

I couldn’t agree more!

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Carl Rizzuto


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