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Real Estate Car Talk with Carl – Why I got into Real Estate.

When I was in college I was studying to become a stock broker and my goal was to work and have my career working as a stock broker. I was studying economics, business, and finance, and while in college a Real Estate course was being offered. So I figured, let me get my Real Estate license (I didn’t know), but I just presumed it would look good on a resume. So I did and got my license. Then once I got my license I thought to myself, “Well you have a license, you might as well use it.”

So I affiliated with a Real Estate company and to make a long story short, that company was not being honest with me in some of the ways they were compensating the agents and I learned this in a very short period of time and I think they were taking advantage of my young age and my immaturity within the business. I quickly moved to another company, something I don’t advocate, as in my entire 30+ year career in Real Estate I’ve only been with two Real Estate companies and other than a relocation (moving to another state).

So when I joined this new company, my goal was to show the old company what a mistake they made by taking advantage of me and I started to focus my energy on becoming a very strong and powerful salesperson, helping people buy and sell property.

Part of my focus was taking listings that they lost through expireds and driving up every weekend with the listings signs they had that I had since took. I’m happy to say that in my first year, not even knowing how to spell Real Estate, my first year through hard work, I was abel to actually sell 65 homes and that was the launch of my career.

So I was in college, I had a job working a the Atlantis country club, and I was selling Real Estate. First year 65 homes, second year 75 homes and I was finished college and I was really enjoying what I was doing, so I said, “Gee, why don’t I do this on a consistent full time basis.” So I continuously worked to grow my business and produce a high number of sales, and always believed that service was the name of the game. Integrity, honesty, and service. Because of that, I learned to constantly follow up with people whether they were clients, prospects, or leads. Being friendly, having a great positive attitude, and delivering the honest information they needed. I also learned scripts, how to close with people, and how to help them get what they want.

My career continued to grow and it grew, and grew, and grew, and eventually I found myself relocating to Florida and we did the same thing over again. I absolutely love working with people. I love helping other agents. I enjoy the business I’m in. So if you’re considering a career in Real Estate, I can tell you this – there’s no finer profession, as long as you’re willing to work hard, have a lot of focus, you’re okay with getting no’s, and can work towards turning a no into a yes. Part of success is turning a no into a maybe, and a maybe into a yes, and of course loving the people you work with and making it about them, not you.

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