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Snow Birds Have Flown South

real-snowman-568x355  Happy holidaySo here we are looking at 2016 already. The Florida climate is playing tricks on us this year with abnormally warm and wet results in November and December. This has not affected the usual migration of our “Snow Bird” friends seeking warm climes and heading south for the winter. Latest figures are showing Florida’s population as the fastest growing in the United States with over 1,000,000 new residents being added to the state in 2015! A 5% increase with forecasters saying 2016 could be as high as 7%!!

With  no change in site for the yearly migration, families looking for a new start in warmer climes and planned business expansions, particularly around the Palm Beach Gardens Enterprise zone, property prices have continued to clime, albeit cautiously. We had a very busy Fall and Winter, if you can call it that, here in South Florida with particular interest in homes priced between $375,000  and $600,000.

So if you are thinking of moving any time soon give us a call and get your home appraised, you could be surprised!

We would like to wish EVERYONE Happy holidays and the best of luck, health and happiness in all you do in 2016!

See you next year!

Kind regards

Carl Rizzuto


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