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Why Carl?

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Carl is an experienced Realtor with over 30 years of full time successful experience. He has had the benefit of working through the challenged markets of the late 1970’s, the 1980’s and 90’s as well as our current market. Carl is a firm believer that you must change with the market. He has and continues to work to improve his skills and is ranked as one of the leading Realtors within the market.

Like it or not… advanced technology is here to stay. Carl is on top of this area of the business and actually has become involved in all of the advanced methods to expose property. Social Media is utilized, the web is utilized and advanced forms of exposure are also used each day to professionally expose our listing to the buying public.

Carl knows the area. When working with buyers and sellers…he understands the community and understands the benefits of each and every area he works. Carl knows your area and is clear on what must be accomplished in order to bring about a sale on your property.

As a client…if you call Carl…he will always return your call and return it promptly. Carl also calls you…and gives you updates…as to the status of your property…every 7 to 8 days; you are never in the dark. In addition, Carl’s team has the same commitment…the delivery of results as well as the delivery of the finest service anywhere.

Gets His Hands Dirty
Carl is willing to do what it takes to put together a transaction. Carl works in the trenches in order to help his clients, his team or another Broker, in order to put together a transaction on the listings of his clients. Carl will work endlessly in order to secure the results his client’s desire and will never stop until the goal of a transaction is realized.

Finding Solutions
If there is a problem with a transaction Carl faces it….head on. Unlike others…he will never hide from a problem. He has the experience to find the solution and in most situations will always find more than one way to correct any issue that could affect a transaction.

Winning Flight Plan
With over 30 years of full time successful real estate experience, Carl knows what works…and what does not! Carl uses his experience, and has the work ethic, to utilize the systems that absolutely deliver results and invests his time in those areas in order to benefit his clients. Many agents simply “try” different systems and then invest even more valuable time in attempting to figure out what when wrong. Carl’s experience and “know how” allows him to focus on the activities that have proven results so he is always focused on the success of his clients.

Sell, Speed and Agility philosphy
In most instances, most agents work without a schedule and take on actions, believe it or not, unplanned, on a day to day basis. Most agents do not invest enough time in prospecting and looking for buyers for the listings and listings for their buyers; they simply let the day dictate what occurs hour by hour and other then an appointment they are not focused on any specific agenda. Many times, experienced agents,are involved with layers and layers of systems which slow them down. They get slower, less nimble and less effective. Carl works with a power packed daily schedule, focused on effectiveness and results, without a system of bureaucracy; there is no red tape preventing him to focus on the actions that benefit his client. Carl works with agility, speed and a high focus on detail.

Skill Set
While most agents have some training, most have training in non sales aspects of the business; they know how to right a contract however they never learned the skill of selling (hence they write fewer contracts). Carl will not lose a buyer for your home since his training and experience is second to none. In addition with over 30 years of full time experience, Carl has sold thousands of homes and knows what it takes to get you the results you are looking for. Skill building and effectiveness does not occur by accident! Carl also has been professionally coached and has invested tens of thousands of dollars, over the years, in skill building and training and uses what he has learned to benefit his clients.

Relationship Building
In addition to being highly professional and effective, most agents know of Carl and they way he runs his team and business operations. Other Realtors not only know Carl…they also respect him for how he operates and performs. This is extremely important to a home seller since many Realtors would prefer to sell a listing Carl is responsible for, rather than someone else’s listing since that agent understands that when they bring Carl a contract he will automatically know how to handle the situation and in most instances, put together a transaction that will be a Win-Win for the parties involved. Carl is always focused on making certain that his client is the primary prize winner while all parties feel successful.

The Carl Rizzuto Sales Team
A team always out preforms an individual. When Carl lists your home for sale, he will be your primary contact. Carl will be the individiual that will speak with you weekly, that will negotiate your transaction and that will take your transaction to closing. Carl is forunate to be working with a team of professionals that assist him in the achievement of the goals of his buyers and sellers. The adminstrative staff of the team, individually, has over 20 years of real estate experience and clearly understands the real estate business and most have been associated with Carl over 10 years! Carl also works with a team of buyer specialists that understand the entire sales process; they are also great listeners (they clearly listen to the needs of the buyer) and focus on making a home purchaser comfortable and confident in the home search process. Most buyer specialist on our team have over 10 years of real estate experience and none have less then 3 years experince. Each member of the buyer specialist team have been affilated with Carl for years! Together the team has over 150 years of real estate experience!

Clients for Life
A large number of our transactions also come from past clients. We work so hard for our clients…many go out of their way to refer other clients to us. We are committed to you…100% of the time. Your results are our success!

Keller Williams Realty
Is one of the largest and most successful real estate firms within your market area. Our company has grown tremendously regardless of market conditions. We are the leading Realtor within the area.
Keller Williams Realty is ranked as the leading National real estate company and number one nationally when compared to all national real estate companies. In addition, we are a debt free company and the only large real estate firm showing a profit year after year. Our firm is also not only ranked for its total production and agent productivity, but we are highly rated as the firm with the leading-edge technology solutions to accelerate our efficiency, productivity and exposure for our inventory; we focus on results. Gary Keller, our CEO, is referenced via the National Association of Realtors for most Real Estate Statistics and Formulations used by the National Association.

Carl, The Carl Rizzuto Sales Team and Keller Williams Realty
We are all truly committed to helping the community we are in….and helping others. We contribute to others and do so on a regular basis. We have been involved with many charities and continue to do so.

Carl’s goal is to provide you with nothing less than a phenomenal real estate experience; it will not occur by accident; I am committed to provide you with extraordinary service and will always focus on the results you are looking for.

Call Carl Rizzuto at
561-296-8420 or 772-463-9462

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