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Why you still need a realtor for buying and selling a home.

Why you still need a realtor for buying and selling a home and what happens when you buy a home.

Most people think the realtors job ends once the buyer and seller approve to a contract to and agreement of sale but that’s really when the process starts. So what we do, our team The Carl Rizzuto Sales Team is carefully monitor every single aspect of the transaction in order to make sure it’s done properly, timely, and nothing is missed.

First thing we’ll do is meet with the mortgage lender and make sure the appraisal is ordered. The appraisal is important for the seller and buyer because the banks want to make sure the value is a fair value. And a good appraisal indicates that the property can be lent upon.

Secondly, or at the same time they’ll order an inspection because most buyers will want to know what they’re buying condition wise and so forth. Once we get that inspection we review it with the buyer, answer any questions sometimes referring back to the home inspector and proceeding to discuss the result with the seller. If there are repairs, we will work on how those will be handled by both the buyer and the seller.

We also follow up in many instances with the 1st and 2nd deposits, then we start following up with the mortgage lender in order to make sure everything is processed in a timely manner. Most contracts have time dates and we can’t miss those time dates, because if we miss a time date the transaction is in jeopardy. So what we do at our team is we have people working specifically that we pay to process the transaction and make sure your sale, where the buyer and seller is totally secure. Now in addition to that we’ll make sure title is offered and ordered on the property and we’ll secure title insurance to make sure that the buyer gets good valid title on the property and then we go through the exhibits to make sure everything is proper.

The final step is to get what we call a hud which is a net sheet on how much the seller will obtain at the closing, how much the buyer may need to bring to the closing and it’s actually a financial picture of the entire transaction – we also carefully review that.

There are new guidelines established by the federal government in the fourth quarter of 2015 that make this process even more time consuming and detail oriented which is fine as we follow up and make sure that nothing is missed.

So that’s on overview of the process and there are a lot of other little things involved, but I want to assure you as your realtor (buyer or seller) that we carefully review every aspect of the deal. A lot of other realtors simply just want to make the sale and you never hear from them again. That’s not the case with us.

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